The Project

Our challenge was to help LG promote its official partnership with Activision and promote the best 4K gaming experiences for new titles like Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Our digital marketing campaign saw us design and develop a stylish microsite that pushed stunning visuals and used subtle animations to bring Activision characters to life.

We also created a supporting online ‘reaction time’ game that pitted the users of different consoles against each other in an effort to find out which gamers had the fastest reactions times (PS4, Xbox or PC gamers).

  • 215,000


    in a month

  • 81,000


    in a single day

  • 10,000%


    in organic traffic

User Experience

With experience such an important issue for the audiences that we were targeting, it was important that our microsite was visually appealing, easy to navigate and told the story of LG and Activision.

From initial iteration and sketching, we worked to ensure that first and foremost, our site was as slick, smooth and refined as the games this campaign was reflecting.

  • lg-ux-4
  • lg-ux-2
  • lg-wireframe-one

Creative Design & Branding

We also wanted to create a very distinctive visual identity for this concept, which led to the conception of the Love 2 Game brand.

In order to bring the characters to life, we needed a design style that really emphasised the excitement and mind-blowing visual nature of not only 4K gaming, but also of the Call of Duty games.

Finally, we needed to have a conversion-optimized design and concept that would drive our audiences to learn more about the LG 4K range and drive brand awareness, to tell the story of LG’s range of ultra-high definition 4K TV’s.


Taking inspiration from Batak – a human performance training method – we created an online game that tested the reaction speeds of our players. We wanted to know how quickly they could respond to a situation, and see how they compared against their fellow gamers.

  • lg-site-1
  • lg-development-1
  • lg-development-2

The Reaction

Our idea created a huge stir in the gaming community, with gaming bloggers and vloggers, social media influencers and even the mainstream media getting involved in the ultimate gaming debate – which console had the greatest gamers?

After a month, we had generated more than 200 pieces of individual PR coverage for the game across a wide range of media and influencers. This included coverage on prominent publications such as LADBible, UNILAD, Mail Online, The Mirror, Daily Star and the New York Post.

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