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Introducing Market Defender

Market Defender monitors PPC performance on keywords of your choice every hour of every day, offering insight into the paid search landscape and competitor’s strategy. It also offers brand protection and rouge affiliate transparency. You could choose to track all your keywords, or narrow that down to a small selection of keywords.

This online marketing tool created by Stickyeyes will provide a genuine picture of the PPC landscape. Making sure you keep abreast of competitor activity to.

What does this tool offer?

Market Defender allows you to track and measure keywords across Google and Bing. You will be able to defend your brand terms from counterfeit schemes, rogue affiliates, and competitors. Therefore giving you control of your brand and protecting any investments made by other channels. This will assist in maximum revenue and saving costs.

You can create alerts if something changes e.g. competitor change their ad copy and start pushing a promotion. You will have the option to react in real time as their new copy goes live.

Or make use of customisable reports. If there is a specific metric that is core to your organisation e.g. share of voice, then use customised reports to feed into your own internal reporting.

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From large recognisable brands through to new start up brands, we have developed trust through delivering stellar results.

Our expertise is not limited by industry, we have experts in all magnitudes of sectors, not just for the UK but also Europe, North and South America, and Asia.

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