The paid search tool that gives you the full picture

Market Defender, our very own PPC monitoring tool, is designed to help you get the most out of your investment in paid search.

Using Market Defender, we can give you a performance review of not only your paid search activity, but that of your competitors as well. It means that we can identify which competitors are active in the market, where and when they are increasing aggression and see how they are engaging audience with ad creative and proposition.

Providing hour-by-hour breakdowns of the paid search landscape in your keyword markets, you can respond to competitor activity, find the ideal time to increase your share of voice and make your paid search investment work harder.

Why it works



Market Defender unlocks the secrets of your competitors’ bidding strategies and provides insights to optimise your own.



It continually examines the ad creative used by your competitors across your keyword set, giving you an insight into their proposition and messaging.



It examines share of voice, allowing you to understand precisely which advertisers are the most dominant within your marketplace.



Allows you to protect your brand, highlighting affiliates, resellers or other advertisers that could be mis-using your brand trademarks.

How we use Market Defender

We use Market Defender to help our teams and our clients to make more intelligent decisions around paid search activity.

By monitoring and understanding competitor activity, we can see when aggression (and therefore cost per click) is rising and adapt our strategy accordingly. Similarly, we can spot gaps in the market to capitalise on that search activity.

Using share of voice reporting, we can see as and when brands enter and leave the market and better understand the position of our clients in that marketplace. If a brand is being crowded out by louder, more aggressive competitors, we can use that insight to make the right strategic and tactical decisions.

And we can also use Market Defender to help our clients protect their brand trademarks and enforce their reseller and affiliate agreements. If a competitor is bidding on our client’s brand keywords or using brand terms in their creative, we can spot that activity quickly and take appropriate action.

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