The world of search marketing continues to evolve and in 2017, we saw a number of key developments and trends that are shaping the way in which many brands are approaching SEO in 2018.

These developments and trends are dramatically influencing user behaviour, what they demand and expect from search engines and how they engage with brands.

The 2018 edition of our ‘Redefining SEO’ guide will discuss some of the most pertinent developments in search marketing today, how you should be responding, and just what your agency should be telling you.

We’ll discuss:

  • How and why consumer behaviour and new technology is significantly changing how brands are approaching search and digital marketing.
  • How brands need to adapt to the changes and fragmentation of the customer journey.
  • Why the ‘mobile first’ index is putting content, user experience and accessibility further up the digital agenda.
  • Why technologies such as voice search are fundamentally changing the entire search results landscape, and how brands need to respond.

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