Finding the keywords your audiences really use to find you

The Keyword Identification Tool helps us to unlock both short and long term opportunities through an intelligent, data-led approach to keyword strategy.

KIT allows us to develop broad and sustainable keyword strategies that don’t just focus on those highly-competitive, high-volume terms, but on the whole spectrum of keywords that your audiences could be using in order to find brands just like yours.

It allows us to identify the gaps in the market, and opportunities that you can quickly exploit, as well help us to develop a strategy that builds brand authority for the long-term.

Why it works



KIT identifies the keywords with the greatest short-to-medium term potential to grow traffic, allowing you to see ranking growth and return quickly.



It pinpoints keywords with the lowest barriers to traffic driving performance, helping to capitalise on those “quick wins”.



KIT prioritises keywords based on your wider business goals and commercial value.



The insight helps us to develop a bespoke keyword strategy tailored to your budget and position in the market.

How we use KIT

We use KIT to help us deliver a broad and sustainable keyword strategy that helps us to deliver short-term gains and long-term success.

Many brands focus heavily on those competitive, high-volume terms but in order to compete for those terms, brands need to have a much broader and more sustainable approach.

We use KIT to understand how consumers are finding brands like yours throughout the customer journey. It allows us to find the keywords that, whilst valuable, are often neglected and it identifies where we need to focus on building relevance and authority in the marketplace.

Not only does that deliver returns in the short and medium term, it also ensures that your strategy is sustainable for the long term.



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