The ultimate tool for trust gap analysis

Vantage is the tool that is designed to make sure that your brand is active in the conversations that your brand needs to be active in.

As Google looks to reward relevancy and trust in the search results, the onus is on brands to develop content that is relevant and trusted in those debates and discussions. The difficulty is knowing which conversations are taking place, which are relevant to your brand and how your brand actually puts itself in that discussion.

Vantage identifies how relevant and trusted your brand is compared to your competitors within the topics surrounding your key products and services. It identifies the products and services where your brand content is considered strong and relevant, as well as where your content falls behind against your competitors. With that insight, we can develop the ideal strategy to bridge that gap.

Why it works



Effortlessly consolidates insights from even the largest competitor trust profiles.



Vantage cuts out the noise – focusing only on quality, relevant link & citation data.



Unique data visualisation tools open up new ways to analyse and interrogate trust gaps



Output highly actionable insights to inform and empower creative and outreach teams.

How we use Vantage

We use Vantage to determine where we can help a brand to enhance their relevancy across the parts of the web that are relevant to them, their products and their services.

It can be difficult for a brand to be active in every discussion and debate – particularly large, multi-product ecommerce platforms. Vantage helps us to overcome these difficulties by objectively analysing brands and their competitors’ content and search strategy across multiple topic areas, quickly.

With this insight, we can identify both quick wins and long-term strategic goals to improve relevancy, trust and organic visibility for our clients across each and every one of those content themes.

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