The report, which aims to be ‘an ongoing guide to all that is original and pioneering in the world of e-commerce and online marketing’ features our work on the first ever foursquare race to The North Pole for motorcycle insurance specialist Carole Nash.

The project was awarded an econsultancy Innovation Award for Online PR earlier this year and was applauded as “a great use of mobile and social channels to boost media coverage….the development of Android to satellite phone tethering technology was a serious commitment to innovation for this PR campaign. Very good results too, with more than 200 articles published.”

Econsultancy’s Innovation report looks at examples of innovation that clearly add value for consumers and rather than citing 'technology for technology's sake' showcases inventive and pioneering approaches to online marketing.

For more details, download the econsultancy report in full or read the Carole Nash Foursquare case study featured in Gorkana PR.