Stickyeyes launches Digital Minute, your go to resource for all things digital.

Providing you with a bite size snapshot of industry news, you're sure to be kept in the loop of all the biggest developments that will effect you and your brand. Want a more in depth understanding, then head over to the Stickyeyes blog and join the social channels.

The best news, it'll only take you a Digital Minute.

Video Transcript

Hello! I’m Lisa Wisniowski from Stickyeyes and I’m here to introduce you to our brand new video series, Digital Minute.

Digital Minute will bring you a snapshot of the latest news in the world of digital.

From big announcements and algorithm changes through to emerging trends and tips, our bite-sized videos will keep you fully up-to-date.

We’ll be providing analysis of every story featured on our blog to provide you with more detail on how each and every story affects you and your brand.

So make sure that you follow to our social channels to keep up to date with Digital Minute.

But to ensure you don’t miss future editions, why not subscribe?

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How to subscribe

To ensure you don’t miss an episode, we’ve ensured you can subscribe in whatever ways suits you. You'll find Digital Minute on:

We hope you’ll find the series useful and would to hear your comments and feedback.

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