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Cross device reporting coming to Google Analytics – Digital Minute on Google Marketing Live 2018

Google hosted its Marketing Live Keynote on Tuesday and, amongst the key announcements, cross-device reporting is coming to Google Analytics.

Jul 11th 2018

by Craig Robson

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[Video] Is social the biggest challenge in search?

Is social media really the biggest challenge for B2C marketers in search marketing? Digital Minute takes a look at one survey that suggests it is.

Jun 26th 2018

by Vincent Krasauskas

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[Video] Apple devices to block Facebook ad tracking

Apple announced a number of changes that could undermine the ad models of platforms such as Facebook and Google, with the tech giant making a big deal about user privacy at it's WWDC conference. 

Jun 12th 2018

by Michael Hewitt

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[Video] Pay via YouTube? Potential for new content marketing opportunities in Google-PayPal tie-up

Google and PayPal have announced a new integration strategy that will make it easier for users to complete a purchase through services such as Gmail and YouTube – potentially creating new content marketing opportunities for Ecommerce brands.

May 30th 2018

by Michael Hewitt

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Artificial Intelligence the headline act at Google I/O 2018 [Video]

Google held its I/O Conference last week, and artificial intelligence was the big theme. Digital Minute takes a look at the major headline announcements.

May 15th 2018

by Sophie Hazan

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Google updates PageRank Patent

Google has recently updated a patent behind it's PageRank algorithm, which plays a key role in determining how pages are ranked within Google. Tatjana Batjaev explains. 

May 1st 2018

by Tatjana Batjaev

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The 100th episode of Digital Minute

Digital Minute is 100 episodes old. Over that time, we've picked up a lot about video marketing, but how can you apply our experience of 100 episodes and apply it you your video marketing strategy? 

Apr 17th 2018

by Lisa Wisniowski

Digital Minute

What 100 episodes of Digital Minute has taught us about video marketing

What producing 100 episodes of a video blog teaches you about what to do, and not do, when it comes to video marketing: We go behind the scenes of Digital Minute to share some of the lessons that could help you with your video marketing strategy.

Apr 16th 2018

by Michael Hewitt