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Artificial Intelligence the headline act at Google I/O 2018 [Video]

Google held its I/O Conference last week, and artificial intelligence was the big theme. Digital Minute takes a look at the major headline announcements.

May 15th 2018

by Sophie Hazan

Digital Minute

Google updates PageRank Patent

Google has recently updated a patent behind it's PageRank algorithm, which plays a key role in determining how pages are ranked within Google. Tatjana Batjaev explains. 

May 1st 2018

by Tatjana Batjaev

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The 100th episode of Digital Minute

Digital Minute is 100 episodes old. Over that time, we've picked up a lot about video marketing, but how can you apply our experience of 100 episodes and apply it you your video marketing strategy? 

Apr 17th 2018

by Lisa Wisniowski

Digital Minute

What 100 episodes of Digital Minute has taught us about video marketing

What producing 100 episodes of a video blog teaches you about what to do, and not do, when it comes to video marketing: We go behind the scenes of Digital Minute to share some of the lessons that could help you with your video marketing strategy.

Apr 16th 2018

by Michael Hewitt

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Video: More sites migrating to mobile first index

Google has announced that it is rolling out the next stage of its mobile first index, with more sites being moved onto the new ranking algorithm.

Apr 4th 2018

by Carrie Webb

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Video: Social influencers face big ad clampdown

Social media influencers could face an advertising clampdown after the Advertising Standards Authority announced that it would be launching an investigation into the relationship between them and brands. Watch our latest Digital Minute video to find out more.

Mar 20th 2018

by Matthew Startup

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Video: Multifaceted Featured Snippets coming to Google Search

Google is updating search results with a new type of featured snippet which is designed for queries that have multiple interpretations.

Mar 6th 2018

by Sarah Barker

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Chrome gets automatic ad blocker

Google has announced that the latest edition of its Chrome internet browser is going to include ad blocking automatically – although only certain types of ads will be affected.

Feb 20th 2018

by Lisa Wisniowski