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Google rolls out responsive display ads

Google has confirmed that all advertisers will be able to take advantage of responsive display ads as a default option in the coming months. This week on Digital Minute, we take a closer look at what that means.

Sep 18th 2018

by Michael Hewitt

Digital Minute

Why Facebook is scrapping 5,000 ad targeting options

Facebook has announced that it will be scrapping around 5,000 ad targeting options, as it looks to clean-up the platform and make it more appealing to both advertisers and users.

Sep 4th 2018

by Ellie Wray

Digital Minute

Why brands have lost out to Google’s EAT guidelines update [Video]

Digital Minute takes a closer look at Google's recent EAT updates, and how some ecommerce brands have lost out from the new standards on expertise, authority and trust. 

Aug 21st 2018

by Michael Hewitt

Digital Minute

Google confirms broad algorithm update [Video]

Google has confirmed that a broad update was released last week, after a number of high profile figures in the SEO community noted ranking and traffic drops. Digital Minute looks at what you need to do and what you can (or can't) do about it. 

Aug 7th 2018

by Clare Burnett

Digital Minute

Google shares algorithm insight to US House committee - Digital Minute

Google has lifted a lid on some of the secrets behind parts of its search algorithm, including how RankBrain handles unseen queries, how it penalises certain content and how many algorithm experiments it performed in 2017.

Jul 24th 2018

by Emma Dixon

Digital Minute

Cross device reporting coming to Google Analytics – Digital Minute on Google Marketing Live 2018

Google hosted its Marketing Live Keynote on Tuesday and, amongst the key announcements, cross-device reporting is coming to Google Analytics.

Jul 11th 2018

by Craig Robson

Digital Minute

[Video] Is social the biggest challenge in search?

Is social media really the biggest challenge for B2C marketers in search marketing? Digital Minute takes a look at one survey that suggests it is.

Jun 26th 2018

by Vincent Krasauskas

Digital Minute

[Video] Apple devices to block Facebook ad tracking

Apple announced a number of changes that could undermine the ad models of platforms such as Facebook and Google, with the tech giant making a big deal about user privacy at it's WWDC conference. 

Jun 12th 2018

by Scarlett Whittell