Google used its 20th birthday celebrations to announce a number of new search marketing features, with a much stronger focus on the user search journey and the way in which users consume content as part of that journey.

The biggest of the announcements was a number of features that will essentially see Google pre-empt the user journey for what it considers to be “high consideration” search queries, where multiple sub-topics may play an important role in the overall search journey.

We’ve explained the changes in more detail here.

Video Transcript

Hello, I’m Phoebe and in this Digital Minute, we’re looking at some of the announcements from Google’s 20th birthday celebrations.

Google celebrated two decades last week but it was the one that was giving the surprises. It revealed some interesting new features that will put content marketing strategies into much sharper focus.

The big announcement was the introduction of a number of features that will see Google try to pre-empt a user’s search query and effectively try to predict the numerous stages that a user might make in their search journey. The search engine claims that for major purchases or events, users make multiple searches, and these changes are about joining those searches together.

For example, if a user searched for information about planning a wedding, Google would try to predict and present content on a wide range of follow-up searches, such as how to find the right dress, local florists, wedding cars, and so on.

Google says that the new features will be looking to show content that is considered to be fresh, evergreen and continually useful, and it wants brands to think much more about the complete search journey. We’ve explained it in more detail on the blog.

Thanks for watching, I’m Phoebe Dixon, and that was your Digital Minute.

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