Apple has unveiled larger iPhones and its first digital watch at its latest conference in Cupertino. Along with the announcement of a new “payment process” called Apple Pay that uses NFC we also saw the launch of U2's latest album and the unexpected appearance of Chinese audio translation on the official Apple feed. As always, Apple conferences bring differing views and you can see those of our team over on our blog.

Twitter has hinted at big changes to the way they present their feed moving from a chronological to an algorithm-powered feed. We’ve looked at what that might mean for you and your brand, on the blog.

Video Transcript

Hello, and welcome to Digital Minute, where of course, we’re talking about yesterday’s big news from Apple, and potential algorithm updates to Twitter.

Apple opened the keynote with 2 new phones – iphone 6 and 6+ “phablet”

Real focus was the newest addition to the apple family, the apple watch – their first foray into wearables

The lid was also lifted on Apple pay, an attempt to corner the mobile payments market. Although confidence in Apple’s security may be an issue, especially with Hollywood actresses.

Apple Pay is due to be released in the USA with the ‘all new’ IOS8 this October.

There could be BIG changes over at Twitter if recent comments from financial chief Antony Noto are anything to go by.

Speaking in New York, he hinted Twitter would move to an algorithm powered news feed, similar to Facebook and Google plus.

This would be a huge step change for Twitter which has always ordered content chronologically.

We’ve analysed exactly what was said, and what it could mean, over on the blog.

Thanks for watching. I’m James Bell, and that, was your, digital minute.

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