Move over YouTube, because Facebook is the new king in town, according to stats from ComScore. Facebook has overtaken YouTube for desktop video views, with one billion more videos being consumed through Facebook. What does this mean for YouTube and for your brand's video strategy? We've discussed those very questions on our blog.

We've also been looking at Amazon's decision to open up a store in New York City, discussing why this could be a brilliant move for the internet giant.

Video Transcript

Hello, and welcome to Digital Minute. This week, we’re asking if Facebook is overtaking YouTube for video content, and looking at Amazon’s ambition to take over the High Street.

YouTube has long been the king when it comes to video content, but is it about to be knocked off its throne?

ComScore revealed last week that for the first time ever, Facebook overtook YouTube for video views, In fact, Facebook recorded one billion views more than YouTube and, from July to August this year, grew from four billion views to 12 billion views per month.

Much of that is undoubtedly down to auto-play videos, which does raise questions over the engagement quality, but it’s still a major milestone for Facebook.

Amazon could be coming to a High Street near you, with the online retailer confirming that it will be opening stores in the near future.

The first Amazon store will be in the heart of New York’s retail district, with pop-up stores in California also to open in time for Christmas.

It’s a huge change in business strategy for Amazon, but could it give ‘bricks and mortar’ retail the kick it needs? We’ve looked at three big reasons why this could be a big move for the brand.

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