This week's Digital Minute looks at some big changes coming to the two big social networks, Twitter and Facebook.

Twitter has announced a series of changes as it looks to appease investors and reverse the fall in its share price, introducing algorithms to users news feeds for the first time.

Meanwhile, Facebook is making it even easier for people to avoid messages from people that they want to hear less from, with the introduction of new privacy settings.

Video Transcript

Hello, and welcome Digital Minute. This week, we’re focusing on the two big social networks, as both Twitter and Facebook announce big changes.

Twitter has been under pressure from Wall Street to improve its user growth and the company has responded this week, announcing a number of new features.

The company has confirmed that it is introducing an algorithm to its news feed, which will prioritise some tweets based on relevance, rather than simply displaying tweets chronologically.

Other changes include pre-populated timelines, news notifications and video editing features, as Twitter looks to improve its user growth, keep users engaged and, of course, increase that share price.

You can read more about the changes on our blog.

Facebook is also making changes, giving users more control in de-cluttering their news feeds.

Users will soon see new customisation settings that allow them to decide whether they want to see more or less content from particular friends, groups or pages.

Of course, it’s another challenge for brands – many of which are already unhappy that Facebook is making it harder to get their content seen. If you don’t want to end up on the “ignore” list, make sure you keep your fans entertained.

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