The Sony hack has dominated the digital news this week, with more revelations from what has been described as “the worst corporate hack in history”.

As this story continues to develop, a KPMG survey has revealed that half of UK companies would consider employing a hacker to protect their IT systems. We take a look at the implications from the Sony hack.

If there is one thing that’s guaranteed in December, other than Christmas, it’s ‘reviews of the year’. Twitter and Facebook have both revealed their reviews of 2014, and we take a closer look at what we’ve been talking about.

Video Transcript

"Hello, and welcome to Digital Minute. In this edition, we look at the fallout from the Sony hack and a review of the reviews, of 2014!

"There have been a number of high-profile security breaches this year but, according to Mashable, the recent attack on Sony is “the worst corporate hack in history”.

"The group responsible for the hack, Guardians of Peace (GOP), are believed to have compromised every piece of data on the company’s internal network and have leaked unreleased films, passwords and salary details as well as sensitive and damaging confidential emails.

"With a KPMG survey revealing that half of UK companies would consider hiring a hacker to help defend against similar attacks, brands will be playing close attention to Sony’s next move.

"As we make our way towards Christmas and the New Year we’ve also seen a raft of reviews of 2014.

"The World Cup, Harry Styles and One Direction dominated Twitter this year whilst Scottish independence was the most talked about on Facebook. A dog in a giant spider costume was the most popular video on YouTube and they’ve even had to expand their views counter to reflect the success of Gangnam Style.

"For more “year in review” stories, including details of The Guardians “Top 100 in media”, check out our blog.

“Thanks for watching. I’m Heather Healy, and that was your Digital Minute.”

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