This week in Digital Minute, we look at Google's announcement that it is finally making "mobile friendliness" a major ranking factor in mobile search results.

From April 21, Google will start considering mobile friendliness as a significant factor in mobile search. You can find out how this affects your brand over on our blog.

We also take a look at Instagram's latest feature for advertisers, with 'clickable' ads now coming to the photo sharing platform.

Video Transcript

Hello, and welcome to Digital Minute. This week, we’ll talk about big changes to mobile search and Instagram’s new ad feature.

We knew it was coming, but Google has now confirmed that ‘mobile-friendliness’ will be a major factor in mobile search results from 21st April.

Google confirmed in the Webmaster Central blog that those sites which pass its ‘mobile friendly’ test are likely to be looked on more favourably from April. The onus is now on webmasters to earn that special ‘mobile friendly’ tag.

We’ve explained more about this move over on our blog.

For the first time ever, Instagram ads are now ‘clickable’ – allowing users to be whisked away from the app via a new browser window.

In Instagram’s new multi-image carousels, users can swipe through a series of images to see the latest fashions or cool car features, before heading over to the advertiser’s website via a ‘Learn More’ button.

It’s a promising feature for advertisers who previously had to make do with raising brand awareness, rather than driving sales on Instagram.

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