This week on in Digital Minute, we look at the fruits of Twitter's partnership with IBM.

The two companies announced a partnership back in October and IBM has since unveiled the first development in the partnership, with Watson and Bluemix analytics helping brands to make more from Twitter discussions. More than 100 brands are already signed up to the project, which is still very much in its infancy.

We also bring news of more Google advice regarding mobile, as we head towards the 21 April deadline that the search engine has imposed for its mobile search update.

Google's advice this time relates to mobile forms, although it stresses that its advice does not have implications for search rankings.

Video Transcript

Hello, and welcome to Digital Minute. This week, we’re looking at IBM’s latest idea to help brands make more from Twitter, as well as more Google mobile advice.

IBM and Twitter announced a partnership back in October and now, details of their first ‘enterprise apps’, have been announced.

IBM believes that it can help brands use Watson and Bluemix Analytics from Twitter to understand how customers behave online. The apps would allow, for example, a retailer to monitor and use tweets to improve its product range and in-store service.

One hundred brands have already signed up to the service, so expect to hear more about the developments from this partnership soon.

Google has made another mobile-friendly recommendation to webmasters - mobile auto complete forms.

A post on the Webmaster Central blog warned that consumers are more likely to abandon lengthy forms on mobile, and suggested the Autocomplete function as a workable solution.

It’s worth stressing that Google did say that this has nothing to do with the mobile-friendly tag they’re currently getting webmasters to chase down, so take this more as usability advice for the time being.

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