Google has announced that its product listing ad format is coming to YouTube video advertising, allowing brands to link directly to products that are featured in their ads.

The TrueView for shopping feature, announced by Google this month, is linked to Google’s Merchant Center and will be rolling out into Adwords in the coming months. This week's Digital Minute takes a look at the opportunities for advertisers.

We've explained what opportunities this could offer on our blog.

Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to Digital Minute. This week, we’re taking a look at YouTube’s new ‘shopportunity’ for brands.

Google’s TrueView ads has suddenly got a lot more interesting for brands, with video ads soon to include links direct to the featured products.

Google is integrating its Product Listing Ads into TrueView ads, allowing brands to showcase product information and links in a YouTube advert.

So when you’re watching a YouTube ad, you may soon start seeing cards like this, which will link directly to information about product in question. Brands can choose their own call to action, and remarket to users if necessary.

The early results are promising, with brands like Wayfair and Sephora driving an 80% increase in consideration, not to mention an average viewing time of nearly two minutes.

And with half of YouTube usage coming from mobile, you’ll be pleased to know there’s ‘seamless’ functionality across all devices.

TrueView will roll out over the coming months, and it’s certainly got potential.

We’ve talked about the pros and cons over on our blog.

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