This ‘buy’ button will allow consumers to easily purchase items they see on their News Feed or on Pages, without having to leave Facebook to complete the transaction.

Other social networks are also getting in on the act, with Pinterest ready to roll out a very similar model shortly, so what are the opportunities? We have explore the story in more detail on the blog.

Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to Digital Minute. This week, we’re looking into a new initiative to make it easier for brands selling through Facebook ads.

Facebook is rolling out a new ‘Buy’ button, which will allow users to buy products advertised on Facebook, without actually having to leave the social network.

The initiative, which will apply to retailers using the Shopify platform, will see a ‘Buy’ button appear on shopping ads as a direct call to action.

Facebook will be hoping that this new feature will enhance conversion rates for shopping ads, encouraging more brands to the platform. Aside from the increased ad revenue, it will also benefit from the user behaviour data and, above all, it will keep users within Facebook for longer.

Alongside instant messaging, video play and an upcoming drive for Local features, it’s clear that Facebook is really pushing for an all-encompassing user experience.

Facebook is not the only site bidding for your Buys, with Pinterest announcing that it will be launching a similar function very soon.

We’ve got more on this development over on on the blog.

Thanks for watching. I’m Vincent Krasauskas and that was your Digital Minute.

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