Google is reportedly in discussions with advertisers over the potential introduction of video ads to sponsored search results.

The trial is a response to both rival search engines and social media platforms trialing video advertising formats and, should it be fully adopted, it has huge revenue potential for Google. We've explored more on what this means over on the blog.

Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to Digital Minute. This week, despite what you might think, we’re not talking about Google Alphabet.

Whilst all of the attention this week might have been on Google’s new venture, what has gone somewhat unnoticed this week is that Google has started testing promoted video ads in organic search results.

Reports suggest that Google is testing the idea after discussions with the ad industry and, if successful, search users could start seeing video content in sponsored search results.

The idea is widely thought to be a response to the likes of Facebook and Twitter, which is already running sponsored video content, and Yahoo is also expanding in this area. Bing, meanwhile, is already selling what it describes as “rich ads”.

Video has the potential to be a huge revenue driver for Google but, as the moment, the search engine is remaining tight-lipped.

Of course, we’ve looked at this development over on our blog. And while you’re there, why not download a copy of our latest whitepaper, which has lots of helpful ideas and techniques to help you get serious about content marketing?

Thanks for watching. I’m James Pierechod, and that was your Digital Minute.

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