Nescafé has declared that dotcom is dead, and is switching its digital presence to Tumblr.

The coffee brand claims that it wants to start having "real life conversations with people" and that the traditional dotcom website simply doesn't allow that in the same way that Tumblr does.

It's a bold move, but will over brands follow suit? We're looked into the development over on our blog.

Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to Digital Minute, where we're looking at an interesting development involving Nescafé.

Nescafé has caused something of a stir by announcing that they will be ditching their dot com website and transferring their digital presence to the blogging platform, Tumblr.

The brand has claimed that the switch to Tumblr is part of a focus on "creating real life conversations with people", instead of simply "talking to" it's customers through a traditional dot com website.

What Tumblr does offer is a platform where Nescafé can upload any medium of content extremely quickly, and it wants to use the platform to invite it's customers to share their creations and ideas through a wide range of content.

But will other brands really be be tempted to give up control of their digital presence to more social and interactive platforms?

There will be a lot of observers looking keenly to see whether Nescafé enjoy instant success with such a bold move, or whether it turns out to be something of a grind. We've looked at how this could work over on our blog.

Thanks for watching, I'm Lisa Wisniowski, and that was your Digital Minute.

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