Twitter is hoping that it can attract new users to the platform and appease Wall Street, in yet another move away from its traditional "timeline" format.

Moments is designed to allow users to follow key news stories and events, without having to follow specific individuals or hashtags.

Twitter believes that Moments will help it to cement its position as a leading point of news discovery, and we have looked at what this could mean in more detail over on our blog.

Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to Digital Minute. This week, we’ll be talking about Twitter’s new feature, ‘Moments’.

Twitter claims that it will be bringing users the “best of what’s happening in an instant” with the launch of Moments, which will allow users to follow key events without having to follow individual people or hashtags.

Users will be able to select an event, such as a news story, TV show or sporting event, and follow that ‘moment’ as it unfolds through tweets, Vines, photos and gifs.

It is Twitter’s latest attempt to attract audiences that are perhaps put-off by the current ‘live stream’ of content, and it does open up opportunities for brands to monitor activity around key events and join in the conversation much more easily.

Currently there are only a small number of partners working with Twitter to curate ‘Moments’, but this idea is sure to be expanded throughout the whole Twitter community in near future.

We’ve looked into what opportunities this could generate over on our blog and, whilst you’re there, you can get your hands on our latest free whitepaper; “How to Manage a Social Media Crisis”.

Thanks for watching. I’m Heather Healy, and that was your Digital Minute.

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