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Hello and welcome to the 50th episode of Digital Minute. This week we’re delving deeper into all that chatter around ‘Messenger Bots’.

Both Facebook and Microsoft have hit the news recently with their discussions around the ‘coming bot-centric future’.

Following months of rumours, Facebook used the F8 Conference to reveal its plan to allow businesses to build bots for Messenger. The social giant claimed that the move would lead to the return of ‘personal brand interaction’.

Bots are essentially an automated response system designed to help users complete a particular task, whether they want to get information, or even make a purchase.
Users could ask a bot for anything from a weather report, through to checking the status of a package delivery or even to book them on the next available flight.

It means that brands will be able to serve high volumes of very simple queries automatically, without having to direct them to a call centre or separate website.

The rich data will also provide brands with a priceless insight into their customer behaviour, which they can use to target additional content.

How can you make this technology work for you? We’ve tried to answer that question over on our blog.

But for now, as we celebrate this special edition, [CAKE], I’m Paul Huggett and that was your 50th Digital Minute.

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