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Hello and welcome to Digital Minute. This week we look at why Twitter & Vine have made moves to increase the length of video content.

After Instagram announced back in March that it will be extending its video length to 60 seconds, both Twitter and Vine have announced that they will be following suit.

The news follows reports from Instagram that time its users spent watching video had increased by over 40% in the last six months.

Twitter has decided to increase its video limit to 140 seconds for general users, whilst paid advertisers have a whole ten minutes to play with. Vine will also be adopting a 140 second limit, a massive jump from the previous six seconds.

These decisions point to a growing trend for longer-form content on what are traditionally short-form platforms.

As users engage with more and more video, and engage with it for longer, the notion that social media is purely for “short attention spans” appears to be changing. For producers, it means that their video content is now much more versatile.

We’ve looked at what these changes in more detail over on our blog, and our Content Distribution whitepaper talks in more detail about picking the right platform for your content.

Thanks for watching, I’m James Bell and that was your Digital Minute.

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