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Hello and welcome to Digital Minute. This week we’re looking at Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages update. (Also known as AMP)

Since launching AMPs for “Top stories” in mobile search results, Google states that there are now over 150 million AMP documents in their index with over 4 million new ones being added every week.

But this latest announcement from Google suggests that AMP’s will now start to appear across the entire search results page --not just the “Top stories” section.

AMPs are just like any other HTML page, but with limited functionality designed to prioritise speed. AMP files can also be cached in the cloud to speed up load times even further.

Implementation of AMPs beyond the news industry is growing fast with brands like eBay and TripAdvisor leading the way.

Google has stated that AMP’s will not receive a direct ranking boost, although there are of course suggestions that engagement metrics such as page load speed and bounce rates are potential mobile ranking factors.

As always we will be keeping our eye on any SERP changes in the future.

Why not head over to the blog - where we’ve dug a little deeper into the rise of accelerated pages.

Thanks for watching, I’m Tom Coad and that was your Digital Minute.

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