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Hello and welcome to Digital Minute, where we’re looking at the debate around Google’s Rich Snippets.

Google Rich snippets are the boxes at the top of the search results that provide the answer to a query, without having to click the result.

Some brands have been wary of these snippets, fearing that they may be costing them traffic, and some research on conversion rates seemed to fuel that theory last week.

A list of the keyword terms that had the lowest conversion rates from organic search were published, with suggestions that rich snippets were behind the fall in clicks.

But instead of seeing rich snippets as a potential cost, our advice is to see them as an opportunity for your brand.

Many of those keywords were terms that would naturally come at the start of the customer journey – the ideal place for a brand to secure a rich snippet position.

Rich snippets have a trustworthy perception amongst Google’s users – and your brand in those positions early in the search journey can be incredibly powerful tool.

And there could be more opportunities than you think to secure those positions. Our guide to Google Rich Snippets explains all.

Thanks for watching. I’m Phoebe Dixon, and that was your Digital Minute.

Rich Snippets

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