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Hello and welcome to Digital Minute, this week we’re taking a look at Google's latest algorithm change, dubbed Phantom 5.

‘Phantom 5’? Well, the guys over at Google are keeping pretty quiet on the subject, with the tech giant yet to officially confirm or deny the details of an algorithm update.

However! Our team of experts have been keeping a close eye on proceedings and we’ve uncovered some developments you and your team need to be aware of.

There’s more to it than just ‘content quality’, understand the potential barriers to your customers and address those.

Take a look at your ‘user engagement signals’ – confusing navigation, broken menus, obstructive ad placement, and excessive pagination can all have negative impacts.

And finally, the importance of mobile. Don’t forget we are now faced with a mobile first SERP.

Although some of these suggestions may seem a little daunting, the principles of solid SEO practise remain the same – quality.

If you ensure your site’s content, UX and technicals all offer value, you should continue to reap the rewards.

Need a helping hand with your SEO strategy? Why not download our free guide, ‘Redefining SEO: What your agency should be telling you in 2017’.

Thanks for watching. I’m Katie Fincham, and that was your Digital Minute.

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