Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to Digital Minute, this week we’re taking a look at Google owned, ‘YouTube TV’ - “Live TV made for you”.

At the time of filming, YouTube TV is live across 5 US cities including, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and LA, with further cities expected to launch shortly.

For $35 a month, the service offers around 40 channels covering sport, movies and entertainment.

Aside from the no-doubt ever expanding channel list, YouTube TV also comes with 6 accounts for family and friends, as well as multiple device functionality.

Of course, YouTube is not the first, and there is plenty of competition out there, including  SlingTv, Playstation VUE and AT&T’s DirecTV Now.

So we’ve covered the users, but what does this mean for brands?  Advertising!

YouTube TV allows for smarter Ads. Consider the power of ‘AdSmart’ and Google Analytics and you’ve got an extremely targeted pot of potential consumers.

It’s safe to say we can halt the phrase, “the death of TV” - if anything, platforms such as YouTube may drive an evolution?

Thanks for watching. I’m Tom Coad, and that was your Digital Minute.