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Hello and welcome to Digital Minute, where we’re looking at how brands are taking ownership of social media.

Social media has long been an important customer engagement channel, but it seems that some brands are now taking greater ownership of their social media content.

Amazon launched its own social network last week, as it looks to build a digital community around its stories, ideas and products.

The new social network, called Spark, is something of an Instagram-Pinterest hybrid that will allow Amazon Prime customers to share their ideas and find inspiration on products featured on Amazon.

So if a user was looking for advice on a brand new DSLR camera, they could look to the Spark community to find inspiration, opinions and advice.

Amazon’s first foray into owning its social network could be the first step in big brands taking back control of their content.

Many brands have been frustrated by the content algorithms of the established social networks and, whilst Spark is very much a pilot concept, it could be the first sign of them taking control of their own communities.

We’ve looked at this in more detail - and what it could mean in the future - over on the blog,

Thanks for watching. I’m Tom Mirfin, and that was your Digital Minute.

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