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Hello and welcome to Digital Minute, where we’re asking whether Facebook’s latest idea can overcome a big challenge for advertisers.

Advertisers have been taking a keen interest in Facebook’s plans to produce its own original video content - and it looks like those plans are taking another step forward.

Facebook has started commissioning its own content as it looks to woo advertisers - and it has been crunching the numbers to find what it thinks is a key selling point.

Facebook knows that its audience are ones that advertisers find notoriously hard to reach, so it has been looking at the data to find the optimum content that will hold their attention.

It believes that 18 minutes is the magic number that encourages its audiences to come back for more. With that insight to hand, it is focusing very much on episodic content that will draw audiences - and advertisers - again and again

Facebook isn’t seeing itself as another Netflix or Amazon Video-esque streaming service, but this approach could be the catalyst to exploring a unique “publisher - community” led ad revenue system.

And that could help advertisers better communicate with their core audiences.

We’ve looked at this in more detail - and what it could mean in the future - over on the blog.

Thanks for watching. I’m Lauren Fizgerald, and that was your Digital Minute.

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