Google has announced that AMP landing pages for AdWords are on the way, with advertisers around the world able to take advantage of AMP pages as their landing pages.

Up to now, AMP landing pages have only been a beta option for advertisers but, with such pages showing improved conversion rates, Google is rolling the platform out to all advertisers in the coming week.

Importantly, advertisers will need to ensure that they adapt to this latest tactic in order to ensure that their ads remain effective, that they maintain their quality score and that they capitalise on the opportunities offered by AMP.

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Paul, and on today’s Digital Minute we’re looking at why Google is rolling out AMP landing pages for paid search ads.

Google is always looking to improve the search experience for users, and add value for advertisers, and these Accelerated Mobile Pages for paid search are the next step.

AMP landing pages have been in Beta for about a year now, but Google has said that “AMP pages, as landing pages” will be ready to go in the next week or so.

And based on the data from these beta tests, a 1 second delay on any page load could see conversions fall by up to 20%.

But, how are AMP landing pages going to speed this up? Well, it’s likely that AMP landing pages are going to become a factor in ‘quality scoring’. With the quality score based on factors such as; page speed, user experience, and the cost of your ads. It looks like Google is sending a clear message to advertisers to “get their content campaigns in order.”

If you want to know more about AMP, download our free mobile marketing whitepaper here.

Thanks for watching, I’m Paul Revely, and that was your Digital Minute.

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