Context cards allow users to access additional content within the app that provides with more details on the issue, help them book a ticket or Uber to an event, or book a table at a restaurant.

The concept is powered by what Snapchat describes as “trusted content partners” at the moment, but expect it to be opened to other brands in the near future.

Video Transcript

Hello, I’m Michael and on today’s Digital Minute, we’re looking at a new feature that Snapchat hopes will help appeal to brands.

Snapchat has begun the roll-out of what it calls “context cards”, which provide additional bits of info, to content that’s posted on the platform.

It means that users could see an image or video of a hot new restaurant, a cool gadget or some beautiful travel destination, and immediately access additional info about it.

What’s more, is the information could link through to the publishers’ websites or even supporting partner sites, all from that single post. So, the user could ‘book an Uber’ to that restaurant, order that gadget from the retailer promoting it, or even book a flight to that destination.

Whilst the cards only provide links from “trusted content partners” at the moment, expect this to be opened up to a wide range of brands in the near future. Snapchat has always been looking to extend its appeal to brands - and adding an e-commerce element, could be the next big step.

We’ve had a closer look at what this all means, over on our blog. Thanks for watching, I’m Michael Haden, and that was your Digital Minute.

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