Google updated a patent behind its PageRank algorithm, which is a key component of the Google ranking algorithm.

SEO blogger Bill Slawski published an article noting that Google updated a patent related to PageRank, which is an algorithm within Google that influences how sites are ranked.

The changes seem to focus on how links are judged by trying to determine the distance of a link between the site that it links to and the most authoritative site within a given niche.

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Video Transcript

Hello! I’m Tatjana and today on this week’s Digital Minute, we’re taking a look at a possible update to Google’s PageRank.PageRank.

SEO blogger Bill Slawski published an article last week after noticing that Google had updated a patent relating to PageRank, which is a core part of its algorithm that determines why certain websites rank above others.

The details of the update are complicated but in simple terms, the updated patent means that PageRank can more accurately judge the “link distance” between a high authority website in a niche, and the sites that it links to.

The ideal link for a website is one from a site that is considered to be the most trusted in that niche, and this patent makes it easier for PageRank to work out which sites are the most trusted in each area of interest.

Now this doesn’t mean that Google is actually changing how PageRank works. The search engine often files patents that it never uses, but we’ve explained this in more detail over on our blog.

Whilst you’re there, don’t forget that the latest edition of our Redefining SEO whitepaper is also out now. Thanks for watching, I’m Tatjana Batjaev, and that was your Digital Minute.

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