Is social media the biggest challenge in search marketing? That's the suggestion from one survey in the past week. The study, by Marin, found that "successful integration of search and social channels" was the biggest challenge that they faced in the B2C sector.

This week's Digital Minute takes a closer look.

Video Transcript

Hello, I’m Vincent, and this week on Digital Minute, we’re looking at two big reports which reveal the biggest challenges facing digital advertisers in 2018.

Marin Software published their annual ‘State of Digital Advertising’ whitepaper this week. A survey of 500 B-2-C marketers around the world highlighted the number one challenge they face in 2018: the successful integration of search and social channels.

48% of respondents said integrating search and social poses one of their three biggest challenges in 2018. But there’s a terrific motivation to do so. Marin previously found that customers who interact with both their search and social channels are twice as likely to convert.

Other key findings in the report include UK brands’ mobile-first approach, and the growth opportunity or ‘necessary evil’ that is Amazon, whose growing influence on e-commerce could yet expand into a presence on the display ad scene.

Speaking of reports, our esteemed sister agency Zazzle Media has published this year’s instalment of the State of Content Marketing. A mix of high expectations and some scuffles over ROI is making brands hesitant to dip their toe in. Read more about that over on the blog.

Thanks for watching, I’m Vincent Krasauskas, and that was your Digital Minute.

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