Why brands have lost visibility at the hands of Google’s E-A-T update and how you can protect your brand

In August this year Google introduced its latest algorithm change, the E-A-T update – which rewarded brands that demonstrated Expertise, Authority and Trust online. Brands from the ‘Your Money, Your Life sectors’ including Holland and Barrett and Autotrader were hit particularly hard which we summarised in our follow up blog post – Why brands have lost visibility at the hands of Google’s update.

Stickyeyes Content Director, Danny Blackburn and Content Team Manager, Sophie Hazan looked at the update in more depth to reveal what you could and should be doing to ensure your site remains in the winners’ camp, using our Complete Content model – How to create Complete Content that’s perfect for Google’s E-A-T algorithm update.

And, as you’d expect from our team, we produced an in-depth guide to help you navigate the requirements of E-A-T covering exactly what has happened, why Google has updated its Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines, and how your brand needs to respond. Download the guide now.

Using content to engage real people and sell more stuff

This year we also launched our new content offering – Complete Content – to help the many brands who come to us knowing that content is importnat but unsure where to start or what to do with it. This guide, which was featured in The Times in the summer, will help you develop a content strategy to give your customers exactly what they want and need in all the moments that matter. If you want to know exactly what types of content you should create – from website copy and editorial articles, to engaging social videos and traditional advertising, download the guide now.

As part of our launch, our Content Director, Danny Blackburn took to the main stage at Search Leeds to present the strategy in full – you can see an easy to watch overview and download his slide deck here.

90 days to transform your content marketing strategy

Content about content marketing continued to be one of most popular topics for our audience in 2018 in particular our guide on 90 days to transform your content strategy.

The whitepaper guides you through a five-step process over 90 days covering everything from assessment, planning and build to execution, measurement and review. Alongside an email programme that reminds you of the key stages you should have completed and additional resources you can call on to move onto the next stage of your plan, download it now and get a head start for supercharging your content in 2019.

And last but by no means least, KPI’s and measurement continues to be a challenge for many of our readers which is why our post – How to set killer KPI’s for your digital content strategy – hit the top 10 most popular posts of the year.

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