The Green Team recently set the Stickyeyes Group the challenge of growing their own plants or produce during lockdown. The results were surprisingly impressive!

From herbs and microgreens in a city centre flat to a back-garden allotment, it was great to see the amount of enthusiasm and talent for growing.

Gardening and growing your own plants is not only a good way to keep occupied during lockdown but brings a multitude of other benefits including improved mental health (which we champion as part of our Stick Together culture) and increased appreciation for nature and the food we eat.

Growing even a small portion of your own food is also great from an environmental perspective as it reduces food & plastic waste and has a tiny carbon footprint. Lettuce is the most wasted food item from supermarkets as it spoils so quickly, so growing your own for when you just need a handful of leaves every now and then can be a lot more economical.

Here are a handful of resources that might inspire people to have a go at growing something new or up their current gardening game:

Articles and online resources

People to follow on social media:

The following accounts share plant care and growing tips and inspiration on their feeds, as well as being advocates for sustainability.

TV & Films

  • The Big Flower Fight (2020) - Netflix
  • SEED: The Untold Story (2019) - Stream online
  • Grow Your Own at Home (2020) - ITV Hub
  • Big Dreams, Small Spaces (2014) - Netflix, BBC
  • Love Your Garden (2020) ITV Hub
  • Sustainable (2020) - Stream online

Books on growing and the environment

  • Rewilding by Isabella Tree
  • Grow Food for Free by Huw Richards
  • Wild about Weeds by Jack Wallington
  • Your Wellbeing Garden from the RHS
  • The Yorkshire Forager by Alysia Vasey
  • 30 Ways to Join the Food Revolution by Ollie Hunter
  • The New Plant Parent by Darryl Cheng

Happy Growing!

The Stickyeyes Green Team is a cross-department group of individuals who are passionate about the environment and want to encourage greener behaviours both in and out of work. Previous campaigns have included a new recycling initiative, a zero-waste talk and giving out plants for staff to look after on their desks.