Our team explains how they’ve kept their creative juices flowing while we’ve been away from the office and how we’re improving our skills as a result.

As a creative agency team, the Stickyeyes office is usually buzzing. It’s the perfect place to share ideas, learn from each other and develop our skills.

But as the UK adapts to a more remote way of working, we’ve had to find new ways of working creatively and continuing to provide our clients with high-quality creative thinking.

We spoke to people from across the Stickyeyes group to find out how we’ve stayed creative and continued our development outside of the office.

Danny – Stickyeyes Content Director

For Danny, keeping in close contact with his team and others across the business has been key. Video calling people regularly to chat through ideas and get another perspective has helped recreate some of the usual office buzz and helped the team come up with creative solutions.

If his creativity gets a little stuck, a good run or bike ride also helps Danny get back on track. In fact, he says many of his best ideas come when he’s out for a run or riding his bike.

Lisa – Stickyeyes Brand Communications Director

Like most parents, Lisa spent a good proportion of the spring term finding new and exciting ways to home school.

From keeping her kids engaged in their lessons and thinking up alternative explanations to help them understand complex topics, Lisa has been able to keep her creative thinking flowing with this all-new challenge.

Matt – Stickyeyes Lead Developer

Matt found that he’s been able to use his free time to engage in some creative hobbies now that he’s not commuting to the office every day. He’s taken up sketching again to help him rediscover a different side of his creative talents.

He’s also taken to designing his own websites and taking on web design courses to fine-tune his skills while away from his teammates.

Farah – Zazzle Media Senior PR Executive

Farah used the time saved by working from home to try her hand at developing her own website, experimenting with the user experience (UX) and domain names.

Doing so has helped her try out a range of different ideas and find what works for different audiences and clients. It’s given her a great way to think about how we structure content and make pieces more engaging for audiences.

Louise – Zazzle Media Content Editor

As well as seeking to create fun ways to home school her son, Louise has also found that making time to read has helped keep her mind creative.

Whether she’s reading newspapers and magazines to see how they tackle current events and topical issues or  novels to allow her mind to escape for a bit, she’s found it a huge help.

When she’s reading something creative, her mind is able to think freely and she finds that more creative solutions and ideas pop into her head, which she can then use to help meet her clients’ needs.

Kev – Stickyeyes PR & Social Campaign Manager

Kev has found that taking online courses has been a great way to both broaden his knowledge and keep his creative juices flowing while working from home.

In one course, he’s combined his love of sport with developing his analytical skills in a football analytics course.

Steph – Senior Writer

Always a fan of mindfulness techniques, Steph has used the lack of commuting time to practice more.

She says colouring, yoga and meditating have helped to clear her mind of any stresses and helps her to think more freely about creative solutions to tricky pieces of content.

She’s also started experimenting with more adventurous recipes in the kitchen which has helped her develop a little more bravery to try new things both culinary and creative.