What makes a successful campaign?

Arguably one of the most complicated PPC questions, but in short it depends on if PPC is achieving your objectives. Whilst for some agencies they may be happy with that, however we are a firm believer in continual refinement, optimisation and improvement. This circle of processes should never stop even when overachieving against objectives.

Our approach to continual optimisations goings beyond updating bids. Although bidding is a key aspect of optimisation, there are a magnitude of other factors to consider. We have developed a robust and successful continuous testing methodology that not only delivers improved performance but insights that can affect your digital and website content strategy.

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Understanding the customer

At the heart of optimisation is understanding your customers and what makes them tick, as well as what doesn’t make them tick. Through various forms of messaging testing we can identify what works well for prospective customers. This is then filtered across paid search activity and can also enable further optimisations outside of PPC such as for SEO and onsite.