PPC management best practice

Following best practice principles from account structure through to PPC bid management, you’ll be rest assured your PPC Consultant will cover all aspects of your activity.

With over 30+ languages in-house, and experience in some of the most competitive sectors in the world, the team are specialists in PPC account builds as well as optimising and reviewing accounts, all following an audience-centric approach.

As part of a global digital agency we work closely with our SEO team on our ‘One Search’ approach – an approach that maximises your investment by combining organic and paid search for maximum effect, using your resources to get the most from both channels, instead of having them competing with each other. Read more about this approach and our thoughts on Black Friday activity in our PPC content hub.

What we offer

PPC Strategy & Campaign Management

End-to-end management of your paid search strategy.

Mobile Advertising

Optimising your paid search strategy for any device.

Google Shopping (Google CSS) Advertising

Putting your products in the right place with Google Shopping ads.

Cross-channel reporting

Uncovering the full impact of your campaign with cross-channel reporting.

Integrated search engine marketing strategy

Strategies that combining paid and organic search for greater effect.

Read our thoughts on the latest PPC developments

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Social Media

How five retailers got their social media strategy right on Black Friday week

Social media has grown to be one of the key channels for retailers during the Black Friday period, but ecommerce brands are taking very different approaches to capture consumers in this crucial period.

Dec 12th 2019

by Sarah Barker

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Retailers show restraint, but Black Friday remains a fierce battleground

Black Friday week has grown to be arguably the biggest week in the retail calendar but amid uncertainty on the High Street, retailers seem to taking a much closer look at the bottom line, rather than the headline discount.

Dec 10th 2019

by Sarah Barker

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Why Black Friday retailers need to ditch the short-term thinking

Calm, considered and thinking about the long haul – why your digital Black Friday strategy should be everything that Black Friday isn’t.

Aug 30th 2019

by Sarah Barker

In Conversation

How should ecommerce brands set their strategy for Black Friday?

How should ecommerce brands approach their Black Friday Strategy? Sarah Barker, Head of Biddable Media at Stickyeyes, shared her views with In Conversation.  

Aug 29th 2019

by Sarah Barker

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Why the walls between SEO and PPC needs to come down if we are going to deliver the transparency that the C-suite demands

As the boardroom increasingly calls for greater efficiency, effectiveness and transparency from marketing, too many marketers are actively engaging in practices that defy those demands. It’s time for a model to change that.

Jul 11th 2019

by Sarah Barker

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