Tailored to your business

Whatever your objectives and KPI’s, we will be able to create and craft a customised paid search reporting format to suit your business needs. However, we go beyond just delivering you those numbers. Our paid search team excel in giving context on why your performance improved for example and was it down to a specific keyword, new copy or anything else that could have impacted your paid search performance.

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Not all about the numbers

Whilst understanding the context of the results are important, unless you have any meaningful recommendations created from the context then you could lose out on opportunities. That’s why we provide detailed context with next steps, this gives you the chance to make the most of any opportunities.

For example, spend has increased, you are hitting your ROI targets but also limited by budget – do you exploit this opportunity while it is available? Or, a competitor has changed their price in copy and you have seen conversion rate increase, do you exploit this opportunity.

To go one step further, if you use a range of services with us, we integrate channel performance to ensure your search strategy and approach across all disciples are aligned for maximum performance.