Paid search expansion

In order to grow in this fast paced environment, expansion is central to the pay per click strategy. Multiple factors can go into the growth of your PPC performance. The aim is to understand what will deliver the growth in your current situation. The most common are outlined below.

Industry factors such as market growth, if you look back at the growth of Black Friday over the past 5 years you will see how this event has become core to many retailers’ expansion and Christmas strategies. Getting your brand there at the right time and right budget is pivotal to success.

Within your control, quality score could be holding you back firstly pulling average position down meaning less clicks and secondly reducing impression share. Addressing the issues of lower quality score keywords can deliver incremental performance. If quality score is holding you back, our team of PPC experts can assist in improving these core metrics.

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Objectives at the core of the approach

Each industry and each client has their own unique set of challenges. The paid search strategy is developed around these challenges. We hit these head on and open up new opportunities along the way. If you are looking to drive efficiency or have increased volume of conversions we are able to adopt the correct strategy. This is implemented from structure down to the keyword and ad copy selection to ensure maximum performance.