What is international SEO?

Put simply, international SEO is the process of optimising your website and content for users in different countries across the globe. There are a number of elements that must be considered when deploying an international campaigns, ranging from content localisation to important technical considerations.

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Website localisation

One of the most crucial elements to an international SEO strategy is ensuring that your websites content is localised to the target country – not simply just translated. This is critical to perform well within international markets, poorly translated content will not only affect your ranking performance but will also have a significant impact on conversion rate. It’s important to understand the cultural differences between regions for truly effective content that converts well.

Here at Stickyeyes we have experience within 47 markets and 30 languages – all from our UK headquarters. We have an in-depth understanding in localising websites for international SEO campaigns and have achieved award winning results for some of the biggest international brands, becoming one of the most renowned Global SEO agencies in the UK.

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Technical considerations

There are a number of important technical considerations that are crucial to perform well within international search engines, get these wrong and you can seriously hinder performance across the globe.

One of the most difficult technical elements to implement correctly is HREFLang tags. These tags indicate to search engines what languages your content is available in, and a link to where it can find the content. If they are implemented incorrectly it can cause the wrong pages to be displayed within the wrong search engines, such as a French pages displaying in Google UK. This can have a massive implication on performance and conversion.

Another important element that needs to be considered within an international SEO strategy is how you decide to structure your site. There are numerous options when integrating multiple languages, such as choosing between subdirectories, ccTLD or subdomains. All of which have advantages and vary between each particular case, but can have significant impact on performance.

Proof within our results

We’ve extensive experience with international SEO strategy achieving incredible results for some of the largest brands. Our Hertz campaign was the winner of the 2014 European Search Awards Best Pan-European Campaign Award, having achieved record organic traffic and revenue levels. We’ve also successfully deployed international campaigns for the likes of Staples Europe, GHD Hair and GlaxoSmithKline.

If you need help with international SEO get in touch today and talk to one of the best Global SEO agencies.