Penalty removal

What is a Google manual penalty

If your website rankings have experienced a sharp and sudden drop that doesn’t appear consistent with an algorithm update, you could be the victim of a Google manual action penalty.

Manual action penalties are imposed when a site is in breach of Google’s rules but hasn’t been detected by automated algorithms such as Penguin or Panda. In these cases, a site will be manually removed from search results and may fail to rank for any term, including its own brand terms.

These penalties are enforced by Google’s Web Spam team and, only after a website has addressed the cause of the penalty, it must apply to be reinstated in search results.

You could receive a manual penalty from Google for a number of reasons however when a manual action is applied it will most commonly be down to a direct violation of Google’s Webmaster Quality Guidelines and be either a link or content based problem that Google has with your website.

How can we help you recover from a manual penalty

Unlike a penalty imposed by either Penguin or Panda which are both purely algorithmic penalties the recovery from a Google manual penalty will involve a period of clean-up work followed by a submission for inclusion back into Google’s index. If you’re not sure what the problem is or where to start this may delay your inclusion even further.

This is where we can help, we’ve had plenty of experience in helping brands go through the manual penalty removal and recovery process. We’ll work with you and Google to get to the bottom of your problem and find the best way forward to help your website recover its rankings and traffic in the shortest time possible.

Our Google manual penalty removal & recovery process

Before we begin the manual penalty removal process we first of all we need to establish what the problem is that Google has with your website, typically when you have a manual penalty applied to your website by Google they will notify you via your Search Console account under the ‘Manual Actions’ section.

Once we’ve identified the problem we can begin looking at what needs to change either on or off your website to be able recover your website from whatever manual penalty Google has placed upon you.

When we’re in a position and are happy that we have fully addressed the issue Google has with your site we can submit your website for review and it will be looked at by a member of Google’s Web Spam team. Google only gives out very limited information however once we’ve rectified the issue and Google are happy with the changes we’ve made they will confirm that the manual action has been removed from your website inside your Search Console account.

To find out more or to book an appointment to talk to an expert about how to recover your website from manual action penalty get in touch and talk to us today.


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