Sally Charnley, Product Coordinator for Optimum Intelligence, and James Collins, Head of Optimum Intelligence, present The Domain Authority Index and The Link Authority Distribution Index in effort to answer a burning SEO question, ‘Is it all about rich links?’

Best-practice SEO has experienced many incarnations, ever-changing in response to algorithm updates and always at the mercy of Google’s spam-master. It’s a well-known fact that Google have become increasingly intolerant to the implementation of manufactured links and require sites to have quality links from relevant and authoritative sources.

In this post we’ll look at how Linking Domain Authority can affect the Domain Authority of a URL, and essentially ranking position as a result. From this we can provide a reference point for optimal link distribution.

With these reference points in mind, we have created two new concepts; The Domain Authority Index and The Link Authority Distribution Index, to model the cause, effect and relationship of both metrics on search rankings.

We propose that Linking Domain Authority and on-site Domain Authority are directly related to each other, with on-site scoring governed by the authority of linking sites. However, volumes of high authority links do not necessarily result in higher on-site authority.  Acquiring a high Domain Authority score shares a stronger relationship with an evenly distributed authoritative link profile rather than quantity of links.

The Link Authority Index

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