Our roundtable, “How Effective Is Your Biddable Media Strategy?” was designed to provide marketers with an open and frank discussion about the key issues facing brands in all aspects of paid search.


With such a wide mix of advertisers all in the room, all with their own unique challenges, it was clear that there are some elements of biddable media that many marketers are really trying to get to grips with. From dealing with that age-old problem of attribution and targeting consumers at exactly the right point in the purchasing cycle, through to grappling with the nuances of international campaigns and Google’s constantly evolving technology, here are the five big questions from Biddable World.

More brands are thinking about overseas

Simply translating a campaign from one language to another isn’t enough. To ensure that a biddable media strategy hits the mark, and to avoid a potentially brand-damaging faux-pas, brands need to understand how cultures, behaviour and technologies change from country to country.

This was particularly crucial for those brands from the travel sector, as well as those people who look after multiple territories. What we found was that it was easy for advertisers to neglect the subtle differences in consumer behaviour as campaigns start to cross international borders.

Product listing adverts are key consideration for retailers

For retailers, understanding product listing adverts was a big topic for discussion.

The challenges seemed to relate to bidding on product listing adverts, creating and managing effective product feeds and how to effectively segment products in order to generate a positive return on investment.

Search retargeting to drive “pre-qualified” customers

One of the key questions at the roundtable was about search retargeting, and driving those all-important “pre-qualified” consumers.

Measuring this across all channels was also a hot topic, with advertisers keen to find a way to effectively demonstrate the benefits of search retargeting at board level.

Getting to grips with attribution

Whilst we were on the subject of measurement, the common theme on attribution was clearly a big theme.

The people around the table were keen to understand how attribution works, and how a failure to perform attribution for a client will mean that marketers will never really get the full picture of how each channel is performing as a function of their wider digital marketing activity. We were able to demonstrate how, when implemented correctly, attribution impacts every other channel as part of the customer journey.

Cross device tracking is the next big thing

Finally, we were asked for our views on the technological advances that are likely to shape biddable media in the coming year and beyond.

As Google extends its reach and granularity in terms of offline and cross device tracking, we argued tracking would improve significantly for Android mobile users, thanks to greater Google compatibility within AdWords. The greater targeting options that this created will really help brands to reach these consumers flawlessly.

We’ll be talking about all of these in more detail in future blogs but in the meantime, if you want to learn more about refining your biddable media approach, please get in touch to find out more.