Instagram has recently made changes to its desktop search, in what could be an attempt to capitalise on the popularity of branded visual content.

With Instagram keen to appeal to more brands as a place for distributing content, could a more seamless transition between desktop and mobile be critical for the image sharing service?

Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to Digital Minute. This week, Instagram’s latest development has got us thinking, once again, about visual content.

Instagram has improved its desktop experience by introducing search features to web-based browsing. The update brings the features of its mobile app, which allows users to search for posts based on hashtags, locations or specific accounts, to

Instagram claims that the update will create a seamless multi-device experience, but the decision casts another spotlight on the issue of branded visual content.

Visual content is very much a hot-topic, with more and more brands investing resources into creating content that engages audiences visually, across multiple devices and multiple channels.

With sponsored content critical to Instagram’s revenues, the platform’s focus on desktop could be a way to really capitalise on that trend and sell itself to brands.

We’ve talked a lot about visual content, and you can see the views from Danny Blackburn, Stickyeyes’ Content Director, on visual content our blog.

Thanks for watching. I’m Heather Healy, and that was your Digital Minute.

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