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SEO, as a marketing discipline, has taken on an entirely new role and has become a critical component of a brand’s entire digital strategy. It’s no longer possible to see search engine optimisation as an isolated activity, kept separately from a brand’s other core marketing and communication channels. Instead, SEO has become an integral part of that marketing and communications strategy.

But established brands are finding it difficult to align the multiple stakeholders and skillsets needed to deliver a digital strategy that will succeed in engaging online audiences, provide a coherent customer experience and drive return on investment.


Mike McDougall, Head of SEO at Stickyeyes, will explain what it takes for enterprise level organisations to succeed in digital, and share his top tips for developing an organisational culture in which digital can thrive. This includes:

  • Why digital is now everybody’s business.
  • How you can overcome organisational apathy towards digital.
  • How you can get key stakeholders to embrace their role in your brand’s digital strategy.
  • How forward-thinking enterprises are adopting a new model to bring together separate teams and stakeholders to deliver digital success.
  • What you need to do to implement this model in your organisation and ‘sell’ the demands of digital in 2016 to your organisation.


9th March 2016 (12:30 - 13:30 GMT)

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