We last examined the bingo market in December 2015, and found that organic search was being dominated by Foxy Bingo. In this vertical, search is very competitive around a handful of short-tail keywords – the word ‘bingo’ itself accounting for around 25% of all volume. Dipping our toe into this market again, we discern that Foxy Bingo have seen a 3% increase in organic search traffic over this period.

We studied 319 bingo keywords and how the brands ranked for each one. We then looked at the estimated click-through rates based on ranking slot, in order to estimate the traffic volumes they could reasonably expect.

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Whereas December 2015 showed us that Foxy Bingo led the way, with Mummies Bingo and Booty Bingo just behind, some wild fluctuations in the ranking of Mummies have led to them dropping back into the pack, to 7th as of this analysis.

Where there are fallers, there are risers, and we’ve seen Bingo Stars move from 10th to 3rd, and Lucky Pants Bingo from 14th to 4th. And while Paddy Power haven’t made the top ten yet, they’ve certainly started to make an impact, a rise in search visibility of 1,040% lifting them from 33rd to 14th. They may not yet be providing much competition around the key terms that drive traffic in this sector, but they’re definitely one to watch.

With Coral also experiencing a boost of 19 positions off the back of a 385% visibility increase, it may well be that these authoritative, well-known brands are being favoured by Google, perhaps at the expense of affiliate sites and smaller brands. Some of these have experienced ranking drops, with the previously 6th placed Bingo Godz losing their top ten position. We can put this down to them ranking for 133 keywords last December and a mere 14 now. This is clearly a volatile, hard-fought market.

The rise of the mobile

The online bingo sector has seen a search volume increase of some 54% over the last couple of years, a rise that’s almost entirely down to mobile searches, which have surged by 159%. Desktop searches, meanwhile, also rose, but by just 4%, and in the process have been surpassed by mobile searches.

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The parallels between the desktop and mobile search market – the top ten visibility remains precisely the same – is testament to the way in which these brands have made their sites mobile-friendly and fast-loading, showing that they’re on their toes when it comes to gaming trends.