The new partnership means that both Stickyeyes and Zazzle Media can call upon the resources, skills and expertise of one of the world’s biggest advertising groups, whilst strengthening IPG Mediabrands’ reach and expertise in the flourishing digital marketing industry.

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Why have we joined forces with IPG Mediabrands?

Stickyeyes has come a long way since it was founded in the 1990s. Over that time, we have grown into one of the UK’s leading independent agencies, working with some of the world’s most recognisable brands.

But we’re a talented and ambitious agency, and we believe that we have more to offer. The brands that we are working with are now demanding a much more holistic approach to digital services, as marketing continues to evolve away from a channel-centric approach and towards what we consider to be an ‘audience-first’ approach.

Joining forces with IPG Mediabrands, one of the world’s largest advertising agency groups, allows us draw upon the resources, skills and expertise that we need to deliver that wider range of digital and non-digital services.

We are now part of one of the biggest digital teams in the UK and we now have the ability to share ideas with some incredibly talented people around the world. That’s something that we’re excited about, and something that we believe will greatly benefit our clients.

Why choose IPG Mediabrands?

It was important for us that we found the right ‘fit’, and a partner that shared our core values. We believe that we have found that in IPG Mediabrands.

IPG Mediabrands’ expertise in media buying, programmatic advertising and data will combine seamlessly with our audience-focused digital engagement approach to create something that we believe is truly unique in the market.

We are joining forces with an incredibly forward-thinking agency group and are looking forward to bringing our talents and expertise to an already world-class and global team.

What does this mean for existing Stickyeyes and Zazzle Media clients?

Stickyeyes and Zazzle Media will continue to operate as agencies in their own right, and we aren’t going to start making dramatic changes to what we believe has been a winning formula.

The core Stickyeyes services will remain largely unchanged – our clients will find that our insight-led, creative approach to digital marketing will remain and we will continue to develop these services as we always have.

But we will now be able to call on the resources and skills of the wider group to enhance many of these services, as well as introduce new services, tools and approaches.

We want to continue to provide innovative and effective services that meet the demands of our clients and their target audiences – and by joining the IPG Mediabrands family, we have the support of some of the best in the industry.

Will Stickyeyes and Zazzle Media be rebranding?

No. Both Stickyeyes and Zazzle Media will retain their respective branding, but they now exist under the IPG Mediabrands umbrella.

What about the team – will there be a restructuring?

There will be no changes to the current management or staffing within Stickyeyes or Zazzle Media. Everybody is here to stay and we all want to be part of something exciting.

IPG Mediabrands wants us to continue the great work that we do, and that means that we want to keep this great team together.

As we start to benefit from the resources of the wider group, we expect to be able to capitalise on a number of opportunities and so it is highly likely that both agencies will be on the lookout for new talent. The search for that talent has already begun.

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