The Stickyeyes team will be producing a digital marketing masterclass at the B2B Marketing Expo, providing you with the tools to kick-start your 2017 marketing strategy.

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Here's a flavour of what we'll be discussing at London's ExCeL on 28-29 March.

How to create content for B2B marketing that actually works

Danny Blackburn - Content Director

D BlackburnFirst up will be our Content Director, Danny Blackburn, delivering his wealth of knowledge around successful, ROI driving content marketing. The importance of content marketing in the B2C market is becoming common knowledge and there are a number of brands out there who are really driving strong engagement.

The strategy for those of you in the B2B sector however isn’t as clear cut, this is where Danny will be offering his advice, covering a number of topic areas, including:

  • Why most B2B content marketing fails.
  • Value Exchange: The secret of B2B content success.
  • B2B Content: Who is getting it wrong, who is getting it right.
  • How to leverage valuable content.

How search marketing has evolved, and how your strategy needs to adapt

Mike McDougall - Organic Search Director

Mike McDSearch marketing is a complex eco-system with many factors affecting what ranks a website – Google have continued to get smarter so it’s vital that your search strategy has undergone a similar evolution. Mike will display what a modern search strategy looks like and how SEO has become a broader marketing discipline that seeks to place the customer at its heart.

Mike will take you through the evolving landscape, by paying particular attention to how your brand can reap SEO success through best practice in the following areas:

  • Site speed and accessibility
  • Site usability
  • Content depth and development

With over 14 years in digital Mike has helped build teams and worked in a variety of roles in agencies in the UK & North America.

Mike has previously led search marketing teams for a number of leading agencies and has also worked client-side for a number of prominent online brands, including

How to align your content strategy with your customer personas, and your sales pipeline

Phil McGuin - Demand Generation Director

Philip McGuin_Director of Consultancy_StickyeyesThe value of content can be measured in lots of different ways, and many organisations will have their own goals and ambitions for what they want content to achieve.

Some may use content to deliver new sales leads, improve customer satisfaction or enhance their brand visibility. But for all the benefits we see from content, expressing the contribution it makes to a business in ‘pounds and pence’ remains one of the biggest hurdles for marketers.

Phil’s masterclass will offer a step-by-step guide to building out your content strategy by highlighting the three key elements to feeding your sales pipeline:

  • Buying cycle
  • Content map
  • Content personas

Phil has over 20 years’ experience in the areas of online marketing and performance based lead generation and has worked both client and agency side including extensive experience in the private sector as Head of Marketing for a B2B software provider.

Get Involved

If you're planning on attending the B2B Marketing Expo, or looking to discuss some of your challenges, then you can drop by stand B812 to chat to any of our team, who will be at the show across the two days. If you would like to arrange a discussion in advance, please email

If you are not be able to make the event, all of the slides and commentary from our masterclass sessions will be available to download after the event. To be sure you don’t miss out, fill out the form below and we will wing you an email on release.