If lots of brands have great content, what determines what is successful? What gives one piece of content real cut-through while another gets completely ignored? The answer is distribution.

Content doesn’t work if it doesn’t move! Here are a few top-tips to get you started.

Right content, right people, right place at the right time.


It sounds obvious right? But you would be amazed by the number of brands that forget one, or even all of these stages. Take your time to carefully plan out each of these elements – if you get one of them wrong, it could end up costing you more than your budget.

Don’t overestimate your reach


Another common mistake or miss-calculation for a better word, usually happens once brands state their potential reach. For example, if your brand has 100,000 social media followers, this does not mean you will have a social reach of 100,000 - there are a whole host of variables you need to consider.

Do your research, not just on where your target personas are consuming content – although that is important, take a look at each social channel’s algorithms. In order to maximise your reach, you will need to master the technicals first.

Don’t blow all your budget on content creation


There’s not much point in having the fastest racing car if you don’t have enough fuel to reach the finish line. Identify your channels, and the cost associated with feeding those channels. You want to look at investing somewhere between 20% - 70% of your total content budget into the distribution element.

For example, research may suggest that your content campaign would be most effective if predominantly distributed across social. What you need to bear in mind is that social engagement relies on regular posting and constant monitoring. You will need to be reactive, and being reactive takes time and resource.

Clearly define your objectives


Far too many brands are told by their colleagues, managers, agencies, even LinkedIn – you need to produce content. Yes, content is important but don’t forget about your objectives. Not all content is designed for the purpose of acquisition. Concentrate on what you want to achieve – that could be awareness, engagement, driving traffic, or a combination, and try not deviate away from that goal.

Know your audience inside out


Who are they? Where are they active? Why are they interested? When are they online? What do they want from you?

At this point, data is your friend. Have a look at key search patterns, media consumption, who the influencers are, scour social media – this insight will inform your distribution plan.

Build your marketing dream team

To roll out an integrated distribution plan you will need to leverage the specialist skills and experience from a wide range of experts. Here’s a basic break down of the areas you will need to have a dedicated resource for:

Earned – PR, influencer marketing experts.
Paid – Digital biddable media experts.
Owned – CRM, content management and search experts.
Shared – social media, community management experts.

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Free guidance

This is no simple task, but help is at hand - we have produced two fantastic whitepapers to point you in the right direction:

The Content Distribution Playbook
The Ultimate Guide to B2B Content Marketing

Or even better, why not pop down to the B2B Marketing Expo, London ExCel, 28-29th March and meet myself and the rest of the team. If you would like to arrange a discussion in advance, please get in touch directly on 0113 391 29 29 or email tom.ross@stickyeyes.com.